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ISCI's anodizing division provides full-service, high-quality processes, and specializes in small parts and system components. Our proprietary racking systems are designed for high density racking and unracking, generating customer savings from maximum efficiency.

Personnel in this division are experienced in applying the appropriate measures for handling delicate parts and controlling the variables involved in surface conversion throughout processing. Beginning with a thorough evaluation of parts received, through written documentation of the process at every level, our anodizing team is focused on two priorities: quality and prompt delivery.

Anodizing (MIL-A8625F, Type II & Type III, Classes 1 & 2)

Rack and Basket Parts Handling
Maximum Tank Size: 36" X 36" X 36"
Bright, Clear and Satin Finishes
Color Anodizing


Vibratory Finishes

Chromate Conversion

MIL-DTL-5541 Type I & II

Classes 1A & 3

Passivate Per

AMS 2700 E Type I, II, IV, V


Fully Equipped Laboratory
Climate Controlled Quality Assurance Department

Process & Treatment Facilities Approved, Permitted & Monitored by the Alabama

Department of Environmental Management and the City of Montgomery

Mechanically Assisted Racking/Unracking Machines (4)
Production Hoist & Workbar Systems
Enclosed Forced-Air Dryoff Station


Selective Masking & Plugging

Complete Receiving Inspection of Third Party Parts (i.a.w. MIL-I-45208) to Assure

Compliance With Blueprints and Specifications (as contracted)


Bulk Packaging & Shipping


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